Our investigations and collaborations with independent media
We investigate the attempts to manipulate the content and the community of Wikipedia
For years, Russian oligarch Vyacheslav Kantor invested in his public image and a network of puppet NGOs. To maintain his network of Wikipedia articles he hired best of the best: a journalist and wikipedian Nikolay Eichwald
Andrey Melnichenko, the wealthiest man in Russia, runs a lucratice coal business and puts significant effort into greenwashing in mainstream media and Wikipedia
'Ruwiki' was launched in mid-2023 by Wikimedia Russia's ex-CEO Vladimir Medeyko and several other old wikipedians with money from a state-owned VTB Bank
We cooperate with independent journalists on publications about Wikipedia
August 28, 2023
A joint publication about the state-censored fork of Wikipedia launched by experienced Russian wikipedians with the money from the state-owned VTB
April 5, 2023
We provided a detailed comment on the harassment and intimidation campaign against wikipedians in Russia and Belarus following the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine
March 12, 2020
We contributed to an investigation of dirty practices in paid editing of Wikipedia articles
July 5, 2019
Based on our investigation of an influence network focused on whitewashing state officials, slandering opposition leaders, and manipulating electoral procedures in Wikipedia