About us

Wikipedia has a great potential to share knowledge about the most important topics of our time, but its potential is seriously limited by a small community and imperfect mechanics. We bring best media practices to Wikipedia to cover complex, real-time, and sensitive topics—and oppose attempts to manipulate its content.

Our organized approach works well when the topic is too large, complicated, or sensitive for volunteer contributors. A particular article can take weeks to prepare, but it's worth the effort.
But what about Wikimedia and wikipedians?
Wikimedia Foundation doesn't really care about the content, while the wikipedians can't be forced to work on topics they don't like.
Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia and other wiki-projects, focuses on server maintenance and sustainability goals, such as outreach, closing the gender gap, etc. The Foundation doesn't take responsibility for the content or support its creation directly.
Wikipedia Community
Many people join Wikipedia to contribute to topics of their interest, not some random underdeveloped fields of knowledge. It's hard to rely on volunteers when you expect to cover something important, something complex, or something happening in real time. Wikipedia mechanics were designed years ago, and many of them don't aid in collective action.
Unlike the Wikimedia Foundation, we direct funding towards particular areas of knowledge we select together with our donors.
We focus on sensitive and polarizing topics, such as politics, war, healthcare, or climate. We seek collaborations with NGOs, media, activists, and experts to educate motivated newcomers to Wikipedia or launch joint wiki-projects.
We coordinate our efforts with our donors to select topics of the utmost importance.

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We are open to new ideas and collaborations. Contact us by email mail@wikiganda.org or Telegram @gruznov